A Look at Nursery Rhymes Songs for Preschoolers

There are many catchy nursery rhymes for pre-schoolers that are very easy to catch for little kids as well. When the lyrics are easy and catchy, the kids will be able to grasp the nursery rhymes easily. One of the easy nursery rhymes for preschoolers is three little fishes. This nursery rhyme is quite easy for the pre-schoolers.

A look at three little fishes nursery rhyme

This is one of the popular pre-schooler nursery rhymes and it has got catchy and interesting lyrics as well that makes it appealing to the young pre-schooler. This appealing nursery rhyme first appeared in Splash party, please. This rhyme was also sung at the eel in the Muppet show episode number 417. This is a musical narrative based on 3 fishes who wanders away from the mother fish and they also encounter a shark on the way.

This song was penned by Saxie Dowell and Lucy Bender Sokol back in 1939. The source of this song is Kay Kyser and his Orchestra #1 hit. The publisher for this music is Anne-Rachel Music corp. Also, Thog previously performed the first verse of the song on the Dick Cavett show back in 1971.

To make the pre-schooler to learn about the three little fishes easily, you can easily find this popular pre-schooler rhyme on YouTube. The YouTube videos are a great way to teach the pre-schooler as these videos will also show interactive videos with the lyrics of the three little fishes. This way, the kids will be able to take a look at the easy three little fishes lyrics and be able to learn the lyrics after repeated listening to the music repeatedly. Another thing you can do is to print out the lyrics of the nursery rhyme as well.