Wheels on the Bus: Nursery Rhyme for the Kids

There are various types of easy nursery rhymes for children that you can download from the internet. Some kids will prefer nursery rhymes which are catchier in tune, while others will prefer the nursery rhymes to be simple so that the children are able to pick up the nursery rhyme easily.

One such nursery rhyme that is preferred by the kids’ wheels on the bus. This article will take a look at the wheels on the bus: nursery rhyme for the kids.

A look at the wheels on the bus: nursery rhyme for the kids:

  • This popular nursery rhyme, wheels on the bus is an American folk song. This song aka nursery rhyme dates way back to the 1939 and this nursery rhyme was penned by Verna Hills. In USA, UK, Canada and Australia it is a popular nursery rhyme amongst the kids.
  • This nursery rhyme is often sung by kids during bus rides for the purpose of entertainment. This nursery rhyme has got a repetitive rhythm, thus it is easier for a group of children to pick up this nursery rhyme and sing it. This song is also similar to the traditional old British song titled “Here we go round the Mulberry Bush”. This nursery rhyme is not only popular with the native English speakers but also with the kids with languages other than English.
  • There are also many variations of this popular nursery rhyme for children. You can easily find the simple and catchy the wheels on the bus lyrics online. Also, there are numerous YouTube videos of this nursery rhyme and many of the videos come with lyrics as well. This is a great way to make the kids learn this rhyme through YouTube videos as they are able to listen to the nursery rhyme being played and also they will be able to read the lyrics as well as you can pause/play the video when the video is being played.